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Bath with Haircut

Bath with Haircuts offers a soothing bath with natural pet products, gentle blow-out, light brushing along with a haircut and styling to your specified standards.

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Medicated Bath

Medicated Baths are a quick and reduced-price service for pets that require a prescription or medicated shampoo application at frequent times a week or month.

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Bath services include a wash for your pet using natural pet products, a gentle blow-out, ear cleaning, nail trim and styling using organic pet products.

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Flea/Tick Treatment

Flea/Tick Treatment is an add-on service that can be included with any Bath or Bath with Haircut service to help treat or prevent infestations caused by parasites.

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Nail Trimming

Nail Trimming services will be conducted in a manner that is comfortable and safe for your pet, using proper safety equipment and a gentle bedside manner.

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De-Shedding Treatment

De-Shedding Treatment is an add-on service that features upgraded grooming products and longer brushing time to help reduce seasonal shedding.

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What exactly is a "House-call" Grooming Service?

Basically, it's a mobile grooming service, but WITHOUT the van.  I still come to your house to groom your dog.  But, instead of taking your dog to a grooming van, I groom your dog inside your house!  I use your tub/shower to bathe the dog and then finish grooming them in a little "mini-salon" I've set up in your home.  Complete with a grooming table and all the necessary supplies to provide your dog with a full service groom.  Then when I'm done, I pack up all my equipment (and clean up any messes of course) and that's it!  You have a freshly groomed pet and you didn't even have to drive to the salon!

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQs to learn more information and the benefits of House-Call grooming.


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